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Welcome to the Annual MILFORD ALIVE! Bed Race, the only Bed Race in the world (or at least around here). Thank you for participating in this unique event, the cornerstone of our Milford Festival for the past two decades.

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Now here’s the legal part:  All participants are solely responsible for their beds and agree to indemnify and hold blameless the Milford Merchants Association, Borough of Milford, County of Hunterdon, from any claim, suit, action or loss of any kind that might occur at or result from participation in the race. All participants further agree not to be party to any action against the Milford Merchants Association arising from any injury, loss, or damage from participation in the event.


By signing below, I affirm that I and my team agree to the above conditions for racing in the Annual MILFORD ALIVE! Bed Race.  Good Luck to all participants.

   I Agree
Signed: *
 Note: you will need to sign a hard copy version of this form (below) as well as the Consent & Release form in writing before you can run your bed.

Bring your bed to the driveway next to 5 Bridge St. near Area E by 1:30pm (across from the RR station) to register your bed.  See the Milford Alive Event Map for the location.

Printable forms required completed and signed day of:

Milford Alive Bed Race Registration & Rules Form.pdf
Milford Alive Bed Race Consent & Release Form.pdf


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